Measuring, control and monitoring technology

Measuring, control and monitoring technology
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Measuring, control and monitoring technology.

The measurement of physical, chemical and thermodynamic parameters plays a major role when it comes to characterizing and developing process engineering technologies. The key figures calculated from the parameters are used to control, regulate and digitize systems.

Our expertise in combustion and environmental protection is based on many years of experience in areas such as software development and the control of combustion and exhaust gas treatment processes. Our technical expertise covers the control, regulation and also digitization of the following processes and systems:

  • Individual room firing systems (free-standing room heaters according to DIN EN 13240, inset appliances according to DIN EN 13229, slow heat release appliances or basic stoves according to DIN EN 15250, wood-burning stoves according to DIN EN 12815 and wood-burning ovens according to DIN 18880)
  • Automatically and manually fed boilers (boilers for burning logs (gasification boilers), pellets, wood chips and other biogenic fuels) according to DIN EN 303-5
  • Pyrolysis processes and technologies (degassing and gasification)
  • Exhaust gas treatment plants (dust separators, exhaust gas scrubbers, waste gas denitrification (SCR and NSCR processes)
  • Energy management system for the safe and efficient hydraulic binding and control of different heat sources in buildings
  • Other special installations and test facilities

The software is developed and control systems validated on the basis of standard programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using the Beckhoff TwinCAT III software system or the ST programming language (ST: structured text).

We focus and specialize in collecting, visualizing and digitizing market and user-relevant operating data from combustion and exhaust gas treatment plants in practical operation. To do this, we use a cloud application with a corresponding database. This type of data acquisition or digitization is used to monitor process engineering systems both on-site and remotely.

Patents and inventions

  • Process for monitoring incineration plants
    German patent application: 102013207720.3
    FhG Number: F53140-IBP DE
    Inventor: Mohammadshayesh Aleysa, Fraunhofer IBP

Research projects

  • Intelligent temperature-based and parameterizable combustion control to reduce pollutant emissions and increase the efficiency of individual manually-fed biomass room furnaces
  • SMART system for the production of heat on demand and improved heat utilization efficiency of manually-fed individual room firing systems
  • Intelligent combustion and energy management system with low pollutant emissions for the efficient supply and use of heat from biomass boilers (VEMS)
  • Development and endurance testing of an adaptive universal control system for different types of gasification boilers - subproject: Development and testing of the adaptive universal control system