Trend analysis, knowledge management and development of expertise

Scientific data and trend analysis
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Scientific data and trend analysis.

We keep you up to date with trend analyses, research and knowledge management

A decisive success factor for companies is to continually monitor the latest research and development results in order to react promptly to new findings.

However, keeping up to date is not only time consuming but also requires certain skills when researching and evaluating information and studies.

Our experts assist our customers with this and identify the latest state of research in the respective (and specific) subject areas. We also help to monitor research results from earlier development phases (e.g. conference and congress contributions), which are often not published in journals and publications until one to two years later. We also have exclusive access to numerous research, literature, and market analysis databases and benefit from the expertise of our scientific employees who specialize in conducting research on current scientific results and market trends, as well as in compiling overview studies and management summaries based on these.

In addition to gathering scientific results, we want to translate these scientific findings to suit the needs of the respective target group. For this purpose, we conduct research on current studies and market analyses, evaluate them on the basis of scientific validity criteria, condensing them into key information and preparing the content in a short, concise form as required by the target group.

Promoting the development of staff expertise

In numerous subject areas, for different target we also offer innovative training concepts groups based on the latest scientific findings. The one to three day (design thinking) training courses on specific topics in acoustics and user-centered design are held either on the customer premises or at our institute. The training contents are arranged in advance in close collaboration with the customer and tailored to specific needs.