Studies on carbon-neutral building stock and accompanying research for funding programs

Studies and the accompanying research
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Our researchers carry out studies and cross-evaluations and advise real estate owners, municipalities and ministries.

Germany and Europe have set themselves the major task of achieving climate neutrality within a short period of time. The amended German Climate Protection Act of 2021 sets ambitious CO2 reduction targets for all sectors, including the building industry.


Studies on the energy efficiency and climate neutrality of buildings

Fraunhofer IBP assists real estate owners like municipalities, housing associations and the financial sector in evaluating measures that aim to make the operation of such properties carbon neutral. Besides developing specific energy concepts for buildings and districts our experts conduct studies that cover the entire building portfolio. These include detailed assessments on energy-related renovation measures and the possibility of offsetting any remaining greenhouse gases against energy generated from renewable sources. This allows us to calculate energy consumption, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions over a certain number of years and to calculate the associated investment costs. Each study is adapted to the specific issue, the respective building stock and the possible structural and plant engineering measures as well as other general conditions.  


Accompanying research for funding programs

We have been involved in accompanying research for many years, cross-analyzing and cross-evaluating research programs and research initiatives. We assist funding bodies (ministries and associated offices or project management organizations) by providing topic-related cross-analyses and lessons learned based on the funded projects, as well as by networking project sponsors, organizing events and much more.

The following research programs and initiatives launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building serve as examples:

Are you striving to make building stock carbon-neutral for your municipality or your property portfolios and need help? Our experts draw on years of experience in numerous projects and look forward to hearing from you.