Interiors optimized with the user in mind

Optimized interiors for improving the health, productivity and satisfaction of people in rooms

Interiors that are optimized in terms of building physics and designed with the user in mind make a lasting contribution to preserving and improving the health, satisfaction, and performance of building users.  

We research, advise and assist in the following specialist areas

  • Room acoustics and noise effects
  • Air quality and hygiene
  • Room climate and air conditioning
  • Light and lighting
  • Biophilia and greening
  • Spatial psychology

Our highly interdisciplinary approach enables us to take an integral and multifaceted view of the different spheres of action.

We offer research and development services in the following areas


  • Effect-related studies investigating the impact of lighting, acoustics and noise, odors and indoor climate on test subjects, employees and building users

Sensor technology

  • Measurement of all building physics indoor parameters in accordance with standards and beyond in our laboratories and on site


  • Computer-aided variant studies as forecasting models for optimized interior quality
  • Mapping room scenarios in mixed reality environments
  • Auralization of different acoustic room situations

The types of rooms and buildings we consider include

  • Office environments
  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels and gastronomy
  • Educational institutions
  • Historic, listed buildings
  • Vehicle interiors

With the Office Initiative, Fraunhofer IBP coordinates a network of office operators, planning companies and manufacturers, thus enabling innovative solutions for modern working environments to be researched and developed together with our scientists.

We know: Interiors that have been optimized in terms of building physics demonstrably pay for themselves by reducing illnesses and productivity losses as well as by increasing user satisfaction and preserving health.

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We research, advise and assist in the following specialist areas

Subject areas


New Working Environments

Fraunhofer IBP helps its customers design office spaces in an interdisciplinary way by using innovative technologies and research approaches, as well as by networking with other research groups and the entire Fraunhofer network.



Room acoustics and noise effects

The requirements for the acoustical design of a room are as varied as the purpose of the rooms themselves - from open-plan offices to classrooms, from conference rooms to studios, from hotel rooms to homes - we have highly-varying demands that call for different acoustic conditions.


Air quality and hygiene

Indoor air quality is often blamed for health complaints. Possible consequences such as headaches, tiredness and sluggishness not only affect people’s well-being, but also their performance.


Room climate and air conditioning

The indoor climate can only be designed sustainably and efficiently with an ideally-coordinated overall system of architecture and system technology. Our experts develop solutions to meet room climate requirements in the best possible way.


Light and lighting

We take in between 80 and 90 percent of information via our eyes. In addition, light - especially daylight - has a direct biological and positive impact on us. Planning and designing visual environments in line with requirements therefore plays an important role. We are researching this aspect in pioneering projects, including in the area of general lighting for buildings with daylight and artificial light.


User research

Our scientists conduct surveys as well as user and laboratory studies (user testing) in the areas of user research, cognitive ergonomics, psychoacoustics and how the quality of the interior affects people.