Interiors optimized in terms of building physics

Interdisciplinary knowledge from Fraunhofer experts guarantees a performance-enhancing work environment

User-centered interior spaces that are optimized in terms of building physics make a lasting contribution to improving staff performance. Thanks to their interdisciplinary expertise in air and surface hygiene, light, acoustics, cognition and change management, our Fraunhofer experts can assist you with your project.

Fraunhofer IBP conducts research on “People in rooms”, with effect-related studies investigating the impact of building physics measures on human performance.

We also support our project partners by using innovative technologies that enable us to map spatial scenarios in a mixed reality environment, for example. In addition, we offer collaborative networking options, also with other research groups and the entire Fraunhofer network, in order to design excellent office spaces on an interdisciplinary basis.

With the Office Initiative, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP also coordinates a network of office operators, planning companies and manufacturers, thus enabling innovative solutions for modern working environments to be developed together with our scientists.

Our research shows: Interior spaces optimized in terms of building physics not only contribute to the well-being and performance of employees, but also pay for themselves within a very short time.



New working environments

Fraunhofer IBP helps its customers design office spaces in an interdisciplinary way by using innovative technologies and research approaches, as well as by networking with other research groups and the entire Fraunhofer network.



Office Initiative

The Office Initiative is an interdisciplinary group of companies and associations that develops innovative, cost-effective, healthy and performance-enhancing solutions for modern working environments in close collaboration with researchers.


Workplace Change Management

The focus of Fraunhofer IBP’s collaborative work is on the development of user-centered solutions.


Fraunhofer vs. Corona

Fraunhofer IBP is actively involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Various projects assist business and society in dealing with direct effects and later consequences.