Validation through measurements

Precise measurement techniques - pointing the way to innovative acoustic solutions

How should your room be acoustically best equipped for its purpose? How can the quality of your product be optimized? How can you develop a new product that meets specific requirements or sustainability criteria? Our experts can accurately calculate this on the basis of physical characteristics and show you any necessary improvements.

We are constantly working on new methods to make acoustic issues more physically detectable and, through subject tests, are exploring the connection with human perception in cooperation with the Psychoacoustics and Cognitive Ergonomics Working Group. Our specialists have comprehensive expertise and the latest equipment for developing and optimizing products and working out innovative acoustic solutions.

Our main measurement services at a glance:

  • We investigate the absorption coefficient and calculate absorber structures according to DIN EN ISO 354
  • We perform precise measurements in our semi-anechoic chamber, anechoic chamber and reverberation chamber
  • We measure the sound absorption coefficient of material samples in impedance tubes according to ISO 10534
  • We calculate the sound pressure level, sound propagation and frequency response of loudspeakers and everyday devices
  • We certify sound absorbers in our accredited testing laboratory in cooperation with the Building Acoustics Working Group
  • We obtain measurement data from small material samples via flow resistance measurements and volume porosity measurements in our air pycnometer so that we can perform acoustic comparisons and simulations
  • We conduct vibration measurements using our laser scanning vibrometer
  • We measure the acoustic quality of rooms according to ISO 3382-2
  • We measure the acoustic quality of open-plan offices according to ISO 3382-3
  • We model rooms and geometries with Sketchup
  • Based on this, we carry out acoustic simulations with ODEON
  • We work out solutions for acoustics in schools, sports halls and other rooms with special acoustics requirements
  • We determine the directional characteristics of microphones
  • We record head-related transfer functions (HRTFs)
  • We can make recordings without reflections (e.g. Foleys for film and radio plays, speech recordings) as well as later auralizations (3D audio, binaural)
  • We evaluate beamforming systems, 3D speaker arrays and 3D renderers
  • We assess hearing aids (input/output characteristics, inherent noise, acoustic leakage)
  • We evaluate and test headphones

In addition to the measurement data, we take into account all other factors influencing the design of good acoustics. We offer you a comprehensive service and a customized development process from a single source.

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Highlight projects

  • Summ, Jonas: Impedance tube for measuring wavenumber, characteristic impedance, and sound transmission loss. M.Sc. Thesis University of Southampton
  • Sögüt, Ipek: Construction of a measuring instrument for the determination of the open volume porosity. Bachelor thesis at the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics at the University of Stuttgart