Human-Centered Acoustic Design and User Research

Human-centered design: with a focus on people

New demands are being placed on design solutions, product cycles, digitization and the resulting new technologies and services. In addition, a change is taking place in society, which increasingly focuses on people, their work-life balance and well-being, their performance and health. These all call for innovative human-centered solutions.

Therefore, by taking a “Design Thinking Science” approach, people are the top priority of our experts' research and development work in the Human-Centered Design and User Research division. Our team of experts has many years of international experience in conducting surveys and user studies in the fields of psychoacoustics, sound design and cognitive ergonomics.

During their research activities, we help our customers to increase and manage their knowledge and to create trend analyses. Through the use of innovative technologies and research approaches, our state-of-the-art laboratories and interdisciplinary connections with other research groups and the entire Fraunhofer network, we offer research for economic, scientifically excellent solutions with a focus on users.


Design Thinking Science

Would you like to develop new ideas and innovative solutions that center around the user? The design thinking approach is particularly suitable for this because it offers the user a special added value already during the product development process.


Cognitive Ergonomics and Psychoacoustics

Leading the field of impact research: in our innovative High-Performance Indoor Environment Laboratory (HiPIE), our experts conduct user studies to investigate the relationships between people, their environments, and new product developments.


Workplace Change Management

Building physics not only contributes to the well-being of employees but the costs are also amortized within a very short time. It does not make economic sense to save on buildings or furnishings - but rather to rely on healthy, motivated and efficient employees.


User Testing and Sound Design

Would you like to test the effects of your product developments or technical innovations on the user at an early stage of development? Through experimental prototyping, we assist development processes by generating feedback from users on new solutions at a very early stage.


User Research

The psychological and physical well-being of people is directly related to the way their living and spatial environment is designed. Since this can only be evaluated by involving the users, different survey and interview methods present essential aspects of our work.


Trend Analysis

Monitoring the latest research and development results in order to react quickly is a decisive success factor for companies. However, keeping up to date is not only time consuming but also requires certain skills when researching and evaluating information and studies.