Failure analysis

Delamination of a coating
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Delamination of a coating.

Failure analysis: extensive investigation methods adapted to the case in question

Our experts assist experts and consultants with failure analyses by applying the scientific procedures laid down in the VDI 3822 guideline series. Among others, our structured approach to investigating damage includes the following areas:

waste materials; acoustics, noise and sound insulation; the renovation of old buildings; asbestos; building physics; building materials; building protection; building sealing materials; concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures; biology; chemistry; roof constructions; paints, coatings and wallpapers; façades and exterior wall constructions; windows, doors, gates; tiles and building ceramics; glass used in the construction industry; heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology; historical buildings; wood; timber constructions; unpleasant odors and the effects of emissions; pollutants inside buildings and in the building stock; corrosion; plastics; food chemistry; restoration; sanitary installations; building damage; interior damage; heat and moisture protection; materials.

Our range of services includes assessing damage on site and in the laboratory, as well as planning and carrying out the related failure analysis. We coordinate closely with our customers to determine the exact nature of the problem before starting the often time-consuming investigations and adapt methods to the case in question. We have a broad range of testing methods and equipment at our disposal, which enable us to deal with both physical and chemical problems, as well as a large number of biological issues.