Evaluating the energy efficiency of new products and system solutions in the building sector

Heating circuit distributor with supply and return pipes
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Heating circuit distributor with supply and return pipes.

The scientists in the Evaluation and Demonstration Group are competent research partners for customers from various sectors of the construction industry. At our branch in Holzkirchen, they have an extensive range of experimental and test facilities at their disposal for evaluating the energy efficiency of new products and system solutions.

Our twin houses (two identical single-family homes) are used to conduct comparative studies relating to the topic of living in a comfortable yet energy-saving way. A particular focus of our work is on energy-efficient heating technologies, innovative storage technologies and different smart home applications. The “schoolhouse”, a facility that allows comparative studies to be simulated in two classrooms, is used to evaluate different façade and ventilation concepts. How can I ensure a good room climate in a classroom while avoiding drafts or high electricity costs for a mechanical ventilation system? To meet these and other demands, our experts develop innovative solutions at our schoolhouse. For inquiries regarding office environments, we use our VERU modular test facility for energy and indoor environments. Key requirements which must be met when developing innovative concepts include low energy costs for heating and cooling, high indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and effective shade from the sun to prevent glare at computer workstations while ensuring a high amount of daylight at the same time. The MEGA module platform for energy-efficient building equipment makes possible to combine studies on different heating and cooling systems (e.g. CHP, fuel cell, heat pump, absorption cooling), storage systems (e.g. ice storage) as well as distribution and transfer systems.

Together with our partners, our researchers develop, optimize and test new components, such as for intelligent on-demand room heating, storage or for forecast-based control concepts. Our test facilities, which contain a vast range of measuring and control equipment, provide a flexible and realistic setup for carrying out the tests. We would be more than happy to help you with your particular issues. Get in touch with us!  

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Functional proof of new product and system solutions
  • Striking, easy-to-understand visualization with direct comparison to standard solutions (simple marketing preparation)
  • Analysis and elimination of any “teething troubles” with new systems
  • Product optimization
  • The ability to “experience” new solutions in a realistic environment
  • Flexible setup adapted to boundary conditions and usage scenarios

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