Here you find a selection of dissertations, IBP Research News, publications in scientific journals, contributions to conferences and reports. Moreover, you may search the data base "Fraunhofer-Publica" for publications and patents of the Fraunhofer Institutes or their staff members.

White Paper

In this section you can order and download our White Papers free of charge.

IBP Research News

In the "IBP Reports" you will receive a brief insight into new research results of the institute.


An overview of the dissertations completed at the Fraunhofer IBP (1994 to today) can be found here.

Scientific Publications

A characteristic strength of the Fraunhofer IBP is its large number of publications in various disciplines. The knowledge is open to the scientific world, the public and all interested parties.

Contributions to conferences

Here you can find all conference contributions of the scientific staff from the past years.

Public reports

The "public reports" allow you to follow the current status of the various research areas of the Fraunhofer IBP.

Scientific Lectures

The scientific staff lectures cover a wide range of topics and reflect the Institute's diverse research areas.


In this section you will find the published studies of the Fraunhofer IBP.



The database "Fraunhofer-Publica" documents the publications and patents resulting from the research activities of the Fraunhofer Institutes.

Here you will find references to essays, conference papers and conference proceedings as well as research reports, studies, theses, patents and utility models. Electronic documents can be retrieved directly from the database in full text.



In the Fraunhofer Bookshop you will find almost all reference books that have been created by the work of Fraunhofer Institutes or written by their employees.