Hygrothermal system analyses

Monitoring the hygrothermal properties of buildings provides information about energy requirements and room climates


The aim of monitoring the hygrothermal properties of buildings is to develop solutions to avoid critical conditions, improve hygrothermal comfort and reduce energy consumption. The hygrothermal properties of buildings are determined to a large extent by the interaction between the building envelope and the interior.

By considering all the boundary conditions that determine this interaction, a detailed analysis can be made of the energy requirements, the room climate and the hygrothermal conditions inside the building envelope. Besides identifying and assessing factors such as internal sources of heat and humidity, air exchange and weather data, the tests also examine user patterns and the utilization of ventilation systems in different climate zones. Our experts use the knowledge gained in this way to develop and implement simulation tools.

Based on tests under real and laboratory conditions, as well as theoretical aspects and practical experience, the scientists at the Fraunhofer IBP have developed new models. These not only support the planning and analysis of causes of damage, but also enable building components and systems to be optimized and developed. Last but not least, these models can be used to solve the special problems of building physics encountered when renovating and preserving old buildings, as well as to overcome the challenges associated with atypical conditions of use or different climatic zones.


Component simulation

Environmental and climate protection, as well as the use of sustainable energies, increasingly require buildings to be optimized with regard to energy efficiency. This involves improving the insulation of the building envelope and targeted ventilation. It is particularly important to avoid moisture damage. Our researchers are developing their own simulation programs for this purpose.


Building simulation

In addition to hygrothermal component simulation, Fraunhofer IBP offers special programs to evaluate and design complete buildings with regard to their moisture behavior and energy efficiency. By linking these aspects, conditions in rooms and in different areas of buildings can be taken into consideration at the same time.


Building renovation and preservation of historical monuments

The consideration of building physics plays a decisive role when renovating buildings worthy of preservation from the point of view of energy efficiency. The researchers at Fraunhofer IBP offer integrated solutions to challenging issues. This allows measures to be developed and implemented in order to stabilize the room climate in historical buildings.