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Research News / 2.1.2024

Remediation of contaminated wooden structures

In Germany, there are around three million buildings that are contaminated with the toxic wood preservatives lindane and pentachlorophenol (PCP). In the CycloPlasma project, researchers at the Fraunhofer IBP are developing a new type of process to remove these decades-old contaminants in a way that is residue-free, sustainable and does not pose a health risk. 


Research News / 1.12.2023

Using laptops and similar devices safely on aircraft

The number of incidents involving damaged electronic devices on board aircraft has increased in recent years. In the LOKI-PED project, the Fraunhofer EMI and the Fraunhofer IBP are collaborating with Airbus to assess the fire and smoke risks associated with lithium-ion batteries in cockpits and cabins. The objective is to make it safer to use portable devices on board.


Research News / 4.10.2023

Components released from facade materials

The plaster and mortar used in facades often contain heavy metals and biocides that leach out and infiltrate into the soil when it rains. The Fraunhofer IBP has created a model that combines measurements of the substances that leach out with meteorological data. This creates a precise forecast that can be used at the planning stage to determine the type and amount of substances that could be released from facade materials when it rains.


Research News / 1.8.2023

A simulation model to counter the climate collapse

The new urban climate model PALM-4U will allow municipal staff and city planners to simulate the effects of their planned construction projects on the urban climate, so that they can gauge the consequences of extreme weather events before they happen, improve quality of life in urban areas and protect the health of the sick and the elderly.

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