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Research News / 1.12.2022

Programmable heat transition

There is significant potential for saving energy in the area of heating and cooling energy which accounts for a large proportion of Germany’s energy consumption. Innovative materials that can be programmed to control heat transition can be a valuable tool in this scenario. The use of materials like these could, for instance, save up to 40 percent of the energy used to cool single-family homes.  


Press Release / 24.11.2022

Which type of packaging is more sustainable?

The packaging world is experiencing a shift away from plastic toward paper, cardboard or paperboard. In its latest report “Reusable plastic crates vs. single-use cardboard boxes — two packaging systems in competition”1, the Fraunhofer UMSICHT and the Fraunhofer IBP explain the background to and correlations between the ecological effects of single-use cardboard boxes and reusable plastic crates. 


Research News / 1.8.2022

Innovative drying technology: FastDry®

Until now, noisy and power-guzzling building dryers have normally been the only way of repairing water damage to apartments from leaking pipes or following heavy rain and flooding. The “FastDry”® technology developed by Fraunhofer researchers requires significantly less energy and works at least as quickly as conventional systems. The idea that underpins the technology is incredibly simple.


Podcast / 7.7.2022

Made in Science

In the new episode of the „Made in Science“ podcast – the official podcast of the University Stuttgart - host Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp meets Ann-Kathrin Briem. They talk about sustainability assessment in the context of her work at the High Performance Center Mass Personalisation and also "function-optimised biosurfactants", a sustainable alternative to chemically synthesised surfactants. 

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Efficient laboratories and testing facilities as well as the largest known open-air test site at the Holzkirchen site enable a multitude of complex building physics investigations.


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Fraunhofer IBP has developed a series of interesting products that involved the entire expertise of its specialist departments. If you are interested in further solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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