Aviation database

The virtual marketplace
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The value-added chain in the aviation industry is complex. To be in a position to holistically assess the environmental impact of the materials, processes, and technologies used, Fraunhofer IBP has collated special datasets for the field of aviation in a database.

A reliable assessment of the ecological impact of aircraft and their components necessitates access to comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment data for structural and functional components, materials, and processes specific to the field of aviation. In view of the high complexity of the aviation sector and the wide variety of its protagonists involved throughout the value-added chain, this information is not available in sufficient volume or quality. The virtual marketplace is a concept developed for this purpose that bundles such information and makes it available. The data platform enables manufacturers and suppliers to market their products and solutions under consideration of their specific functions, potential uses, and ecological profiles. The virtual marketplace also facilitates the exchange of data: Information relevant to eco DESIGN is made available to developers, and communication between the protagonists in the aviation sector is optimized.