White Paper "New efficient drying methods"

Water damage on buildings

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White Paper "New efficient drying methods"

Damage to buildings is usually caused by water or moisture. The causes can be manifold: 1.1 million insured cases of damage caused by mains water per year alongside damages due to construction moisture or inadequate measures to protect against moisture. Heavy rain, flooding, condensation, rising damp in walls are further causes of damage to technical installations, e.g. heating, ventilation, power supply, or to furniture, machinery and manufacturing equipment. Sometimes even people and animals are affected. Consequential damage can be, for example, hidden mold growth, frost damage, structural problems, unpleasant odors, or restrictions of use.

Professional drying is essential to repair direct damage caused by water and to minimize consequential damage. The following applies: the faster professional drying is started, the lower the consequential damage and the restoration costs.

Fraunhofer IBP has conducted many experimental and computational studies on repairing damage due to mains water and has tested the effectiveness of various typical drying techniques on artificially soaked wall, ceiling and floor constructions. Adsorption dryers, condensation dryers, turbines, foil tents and heat panels were used in the test series. Find out more about the drying systems investigated in this White Paper. Our experts also answer various questions about technical drying.


Andreas Zegowitz, Prof. Dr. Hartwig Künzel und Sabine Giglmeier



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