IBP Research News

New research results, in brief

Nr. Year Author/ Title
579 2022 Matthias Kersken, Herbert Sinnesbichler
The energy saving potential of an intelligent heating control system
571 2021 Sumee Park, Michael Visser, Sebastian Stratbücker, Victor Norrefeldt
Objective climate comfort evaluation in vehicles using DressMAN 3.2
569 2021 Stefan Bichlmair, Martin Krus, Ralf Kilian
Temperierung Wall Heating
562 2019 Wolfgang Karl Hofbauer, Thorsten Rennebarth, Nicole Krueger, Horst-Reiner Schwengels
Applications for partition in mould damage refurbishment
539 2016 Hartwig Künzel, Andreas Zegowitz, Michael Würth
Customer-tailored climate simulation for quality assurance and development
539 2015 Kristin Lengsfeld, Martin Krus, Hartwig Künzel, Helmut Künzel
Assessing the long-term performance of applied external thermal insulaton composite systems (EITCS)
532 2014 Wolfgang Hofbauer, Laura L. Forrest, Michelle L. Hollingsworth, Thorsten Rennebarth, Klaus Breuer
Unexpected diversity in mosses on walls of modern buildings
527 2013 Matthias Kersken, Herbert Sinnesbichler
Simulation study on the energy saving potential of a heating control system featuring presence detection and weather forecasting
523 2013 Michael Eberl, Herbert Sinnesbichler
Information and management system for central heating
522 2013 Marcus Hermes, Schew-Ram Mehra, Lutz Weber, Hartwig M. Künzel
Moisture-dependent sound insulation of building components
508  2011 Michael Eberl, Almuth Schade, Herbert Sinnesbichler
Decentralized Circulation Pumps
507 2010  V. Norrefeldt, G. Grün, K. Sedlbauer
The Vepzo Model - Velocity Propagating Zonal Model
506  2010 S. Adachi, P. Brandstätt, J. C. Simpson
Computational Fluid Dynamics And Computational Aeroacoustics For Aircraft Noise Estimation
505 2010  S. Stratbücker, C. van Treeck
CoSimA+ - Co-Simulation Adaption Platform
496 2009 H. Sinnesbichler, M. Eberl
Temporary Thermal Insulation by Shutters with Infrared
Reflecting Surface Coating
486 2008 W. Maysenhölder, M. Schneebeli, X. Zhou, T. Zhang, M. Heggli
Sound Absorption of Snow
481 2007 Hartwig M. Künzel, Klaus Sedlbauer
Air-Conditioning by Chilled Indoor Fountains
480 2010 H. Erhorn-Kluttig, H. Erhorn, J. de Boer
Applying the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to Existing Buildings
479 2007 Hartwig M. Künzel and Klaus Sedlbauer
Hygrothermal Effects of Infrared-Reflecting Layers
478  2006 M. Krus, C. Fitz, A. Holm & K. Sedlbauer
Prevention of algae and mould growth on facades by coatings with lowered long-wave emission
461  2005 Helmut Künzel, Hartwig Künzel, Klaus Sedlbauer
Long-term Performance of External Thermal Insulation Systems
459  2005 W. Maysenhölder, A. Berg, P. Leistner
Acoustic Properties of Aluminium Foams - Measurements and Modelling
2004 R. Schwab, E. Mayer, A. Holm
Hybrid Ventilation Systems which Meet the Demands
of the Users of Office Buildings
142  1987 G. Rosenhouse
The Application of Potters' Method for 2-D Numerical Analyses of Acoustic Fields in Wave-Guides