Lighting solutions

Lighting solutions
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Our experts are continuously developing concepts to enhance a more efficient use of daylight.

Pioneering solutions in lighting technology – from LEDs to daylight autonomy

In general, lighting is first of all needed to ensure sufficient quality of vision (e.g. for illuminating visual task areas). Furthermore, there is a growing use of light in realizing dramatic effects in presentation and exhibition lighting in indoor spaces; at the same time though, lighting solutions are expected to be as energy-efficient as possible. In view of these requirements, sunlight  – which is the most energy-efficient of all light sources - is best suited to substitute artificial light sources with daylight.

In order to prevent overheating in interior spaces and to exclude glare problems, daylighting systems should ideally be integrated into the façade and be adapted to the lighting system. To achieve these goals, it is possible to install so-called heliostats –  self-adjusting mirrors for the precise transmission of sunlight. Another option is presented by the »Heliobus mirror shaft«, which not only lightens up basement rooms, but also establishes visual contact with the outside.

Further solutions are provided by systems that either direct sunlight through a mirrored light-pipe from the rooftop into interior spaces (which receive less daylight) or by solar panels, which collect and concentrate sunlight to be transferred through fibre-optical cables into dark indoor spaces. Our specialists are constantly creating concepts like these, which allow to use daylight more efficiently and improve users‘ well-being while minimizing energy consumption.


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