Noise Control and Vehicle Acoustics

Acoustic optimization of technical systems, devices and vehicles

Our experts in the working group “Noise Control and Vehicle Acoustics” focus their activities on the acoustic characterization and further development of technical installations (in buildings), devices, vehicles, and acoustic test laboratories. To develop innovative methods and solutions, we implement a wide range of measuring systems, as well as design and simulation tools.

The main focus of our research is on the development of innovative noise control concepts, and also on systems and devices optimized in terms of acoustics and energy requirements. Our scientific work often extends beyond issues purely related to noise control, right up to the fields of vehicle construction and the machinery and equipment industry, also taking into account aspects such as fluid dynamics, materials science and control technology.

A core area of expertise is the development of silencers, used to solve low-frequency noise problems as well as other particularly demanding applications. The spectrum ranges from sturdy, cleanable duct silencers to sound-absorbing internal flues for chimneys and highly-integrated strip absorbers for boilers.

We also have a modern testing center for vehicle acoustics at our disposal, which enables us to offer the automotive industry a wide variety of development services. Over the years, vehicle acoustics has developed into one of our specialist areas.


Low-noise air purification systems

Due to the high flow rate in compact systems, air purifiers can also generate unpleasantly high noise levels. We want to tackle this challenge together with you as a manufacturer of air purification systems. We can assist you with your measurement or development project.


Smart end-of-line tests

Ever-growing customer demands regarding comfort and quality in the automotive sector do not stop at acoustics requirements. We will gladly assist you with optimizing the acoustic and vibration design and setup of your existing EOL test bench or help you to develop a completely new one.


Quiet energy transition through sustainable acoustics

The carbon footprint of ventilation systems and components must become significantly smaller. We pursue approaches to materials, designs and processes in order to fully optimize the life cycle, cost-effectiveness and function of ventilation systems and components.


Technical equipment and devices

A particular feature of high-quality installations and devices is excellent acoustics. Our experts determine and simulate acoustic properties and parameters, helping companies to develop acoustically-optimized products.


Wind noise from façades - building aeroacoustics

Façades fulfill a number of functions, but can also cause loud noises. Our experts help you optimize the acoustics of your façade designs regarding their wind noise.


Silencers and sound absorbers

People are becoming increasingly aware of noise, which is leading to a worldwide demand for noise-reduced installations and devices of all sizes. Thanks to our expert knowledge and test facilities, we successfully assist our industrial partners in developing innovative silencers for demanding applications.


Acoustic test rooms

More and more importance is being placed on acoustic properties when developing high-quality products. For this reason, industry continuously tests and optimizes the acoustics of its products. We help our customers to design and build first-class acoustic measurement environments and test rooms.


Vehicle acoustics

Vehicle acoustics is one of our core skills. In the state-of-the-art acoustic testing center and 4-wheel roller test bench at our institute, we perform tests on the interior acoustics of vehicles and simulated "pass-by measurements".


Flow noise and flow dynamics

In many technical applications, flow noise is the principle source of noise. Through experiments and numerical CFD and CAA simulations, we investigate flow-induced noise in order to identify ways to reduce it and to optimize products.