Acoustics in shared offices and for New Work

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How does the workplace of tomorrow sound? We design room acoustics solutions for open office layouts

Are you also faced with the question of how to design open office layouts with high user satisfaction as a company? Multi-person offices or open plan offices have become a major trend in modern office design. These new workspaces can foster communication between employees, improve space efficiency and form the basis for modern working conditions. In times of digital transformation, which enables hybrid working and home offices, open office structures are important anchor points when it comes to exchanging ideas and working together.

Studies show that people using these new office forms often complain about a lack of privacy, noise and a poor indoor climate. Besides implementing legal guidelines, work organization aspects and psychoacoustics aspects also play a major role.

Our experts conduct interdepartmental research into how tomorrow's workplaces can be sustainably designed in terms of room acoustics. Especially the cooperation with colleagues from the field of “Cognitive Ergonomics” enables our room acoustics experts to develop future-oriented solutions and concepts for the acoustic design of your open office structures

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Plan with our experts!

As an office operator, we help you throughout the planning process and in involving your employees. Based on the latest insights from research and practice, we work with you to find the answers to the following questions specifically for your office landscape:

  • What will our office of tomorrow look like?
  • How do I adapt my office to new work forms (shared desk, activity-based, mobile work, etc.)?
  • What features do office spaces need to have in order to be used profitably and in the long term?
  • What means can be used to strike a balance between space efficiency and office worker performance?
  • How can good levels of concentration and communication at the workplace be guaranteed at the same time?

Our comprehensive know-how:

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Our goal is an optimal and sustainable workplace design that not only demonstrates room acoustics solutions, but also shows the limits of the possibilities. Only by considering all key aspects of office design can we create conditions that provide the best working environment for the task at hand.