Product development and optimization in hygrothermics

Product development and optimization in hygrothermics
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Fraunhofer IBP experts assists customers with product development and optimization.

Building materials for tomorrow's markets

In view of rapid population growth worldwide, advancing urbanization and rising prosperity in certain regions, resources are becoming scarce in almost all branches of industry, including the construction sector. Due to the rise in demand, it is already possible to predict, for example, prices for timber at their highest level, as well as shortages and further price increases.

Alternatives for the building material industry

At the same time, climate change is increasing the pressure on agriculture to switch to less widespread crops in order to ensure a certain degree of diversity. These changes offer completely new alternatives, especially building material manufacturers, if they use renewable raw materials.

Against this background, it is important to take special boundary conditions into account from the outset and to develop solid business models based on these. Such conditions include availability (price and transport), requirements concerning the durability of building materials, fluctuations in the quality of the implemented raw materials and the needs of the market with regard to the sustainability of building materials.


Our experts offer comprehensive support to customers and partners as they develop innovative and sustainable building materials - from the idea to the proof of functionality in real applications (TRL 1 to TRL 8). In this way, we help our clients to increase their ability to innovate without losing sight of the entire value chain.

Analysis of potentials

In cooperation with our broad network of experts in the fields of agriculture, building materials and business development, we examine the potential of an idea in advance.

Material development

In our facilities and laboratories in Holzkirchen and Stuttgart, we develop products for our customers that meet their predefined requirements. If necessary, we involve further research partners, thus making sure that we always have the most up-to-date knowledge in the respective technological field.

Market access

Only when a product has been successfully launched on the market does an idea become an actual innovation. With this in mind, we think about marketing our customers' ideas right from the start, taking into account the specific challenges associated with the building materials market.