Transient building and system simulation - hardware in the loop

Control of the indoor climate parameters in experimental facility
© Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft / Axel Griesch
Control of the indoor climate parameters in the experimental facility for energy and indoor climate studies VERU.

In addition to metrological evaluation, our services also include the use of simulation tools.

We would like to draw particular attention to our innovative method of coupling real test and simulation - the hardware in the loop (HiL) environment. Here, for example, a real heat pump in a test stand can be connected to different building types, various primary sources (such as ground probes or ice storage), or variable usage scenarios from a time-synchronized simulation. This enables the evaluation of factors influencing system efficiency, among other things.

Powerful simulation tools facilitate the transfer of measurement results from our detailed investigations on the test stands to, for example, entire buildings or to different climate locations. They also aid in assessing the impact of various usage scenarios or evaluating different operating variants and boundary conditions. Conducting such evaluations through real experiments would require significantly higher financial and time investment. The measurement data obtained from our investigations can be used to validate and optimize the simulation models, ensuring high model quality and accurate representation of real-world behavior in the simulation. This, in turn, ensures reliable simulation results.

Our simulation portfolio is complemented by multi-zone models and various building types for residential and administrative applications. It allows for the configuration of different system components, storage systems, and distribution systems. Additionally, we have comprehensive models for various usage scenarios.