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Office workplace design with new standards
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Office workplace design with new standards.

Experience has shown that office space designed according to applicable guidelines and standards is by no means a guarantee for the satisfaction and performance of its future users. As a rule, standards and guidelines only guarantee a minimum level of quality. How can this situation be remedied?

Room and workplace design play a major role when it comes to people's health, well-being, and performance. Disturbances or work interruptions due to conversations between colleagues or low-level noise are the cause of increasing psychological stress in everyday working life. Poor air quality leads to exhaustion, while low levels of humidity have a direct effect on the frequency of infections and, thus, on absenteeism. Seemingly small causes but with a huge impact.

The economic calculation alone is simple: on average, around 80 percent of expenses at office workplaces are attributable to personnel costs. Assuming an annual salary of 60,000 euros and a loss of performance of two percent - which could be avoided through appropriate building physics measures – result in costs of 1200 euros per employee and year. And that is before taking any additional labor costs into account.

This shows that building physics not only contributes to the well-being of employees but the costs are also amortized within a very short time. It does not make economic sense to save on buildings or furnishings - but rather to rely on healthy, motivated and efficient employees.

Our experts develop modern office concepts to ensure:

  • the necessary amount of user privacy
  • the optimum design of background noise to promote health and performance
  • a pleasant indoor climate
  • an attractive and appealing room design
  • stable operation of technical infrastructure
  • acceptance by employees/users
  • minimal set-up times.

Together with our customers, we develop planning tools, decision aids and product solutions that meet not only the dynamic and economic requirements of modern working environments but also the individual requirements of companies and employees.

Know-how transfer within the scope of the Fraunhofer OFFICE INITIATIVE

Within the scope of the Fraunhofer OFFICE INITIATIVE, office operators, investors, office planners, designers, manufacturers and associations work together with scientists from Fraunhofer IBP to develop integrated overall concepts.

In the process:

  • usage requirements and activity profiles are transferred to building physics, technical and equipment-related requirements
  • employees are involved  (e.g. through employee surveys)
  • clearly-defined processes and requirements as well as legally sound claims are derived.

Our goal is to provide planning and decision-making security for designers and operators of office properties, facility managers and buyers.

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