Special measuring methods in building acoustics

Determination of the modulus of elasticity of elastomers
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Measuring setup for frequency-dependent determination of the modulus of elasticity of elastomers.

Based on our measuring methods, we offer solutions to a wide range of acoustic issues

Special acoustics tasks call for special measuring methods: product development and research projects often require measuring methods supply more in-depth information about the acoustic behavior of structures than standard measurements.

Examples of the various measuring methods we use at Fraunhofer IBP to visualize airborne sound radiation and scan (non-contact) structure-borne sound vibrations are listed below. Based on the measurement results, we develop a detailed vibration analysis of the component surface in order to tailor acoustic optimization measures to individual needs.

  • Acoustic near-field holography for sound source localization and analysis using microphone arrays or beamforming (acoustic camera)
  • Laser scanning vibrometer for non-contact analysis of component vibrations
  • Modal analysis for determining the dynamic-mechanical properties of components and structures
  • Structure-borne sound intensity for determining transmission paths and localizing structure-borne sound bridges

We also offer aural analyses of sound signals that require binaural recording with an artificial head. The recorded signals serve, for example, as the basis for listening tests and for assessing sound fields in rooms or vehicles.

  • Artificial head measurement technology for binaural, aural recording of sound signals

In addition to these established acoustic measurement procedures, our experts develop new measurement procedures or adapt existing methods to the special requirements and individual needs of our customers.

  • Frequency-dependent determination of the modulus of elasticity and the loss factor of elastomers (non-resonant method based on ISO 6721-4)
  • Measuring method for determining the structure-borne acoustic power of building service equipment in prototype construction