Critical review of life cycle assessments according to ISO

Depending on the objective and scope, life cycle assessments are generally relatively complex and call for a high level of expertise. LCA studies that are intended as the basis for comparative information to be published must be critically reviewed by a committee of interested parties (Critical Review Panel) (ISO 14044). To ensure the high quality of LCA studies and to prepare the publication of comparative information, our researchers act as independent external LCA experts to assist our customers and partners with critical reviews.

The LCA reviews are carried out in accordance with international standards

  • for life cycle assessments (ISO 14040 / ISO 14044),
  • for eco-efficiency assessments (ISO 14045),
  • Carbon Footprint (ISO 14067),
  • Water Footprint (ISO 14046).

Requirements and guidelines of ISO/TS 14071 are fulfilled.

Depending on the requirements of the critical review, employees with many years of experience in the Department of Life Cycle Engineering are also available as independent external experts to head or participate in a review panel or to act as external assessors.

Contents of an LCA review according to ISO

In particular, the following aspects must be considered (see ISO 14044):

  • Compliance of the used methods with international standards
  • Application of scientifically justified and technically valid methods
  • Use of sufficient and appropriate data in relation to the objective of the study
  • Interpretation, taking into account the objective of the study and identified limitations
  • Transparency and consistency of the report

In addition to the LCA report, the basis for the critical review work are the technical descriptions of the systems, LCA models, LCA analysis data and the background information used.

Do you need advice or assistance with the critical review of LCA studies? We look forward to hearing from you!


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