Measuring and testing equipment

test run with the multifunctional integrating sphere
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Preparing a test run using the integrating sphere.

Putting light to the test

In comprehensive studies, the researchers of the “Lighting Technology” working group evaluate and validate the innovative concepts and system solutions they have developed for indoor and outdoor lighting and illumination. A range of unique test rigs, some of which designed in-house, are utilized for this.

In comparable twin laboratory rooms with virtual and “real” windows, the researchers use natural and artificial lighting scenarios, as well as psychological studies, to assess the effect of lighting in rooms without windows. More extensive studies on the cognitive effects of all room parameters - light, acoustics and climate - on humans are carried out in the HiPIE laboratory, which was designed together with the Department of Acoustics.

The lighting aspects considered when developing façade concepts, such as optimizing the energy efficiency of lighting systems by linking the use of artificial lighting with sun protection control systems, are validated on a 1:1 scale in the VERU test facility in cooperation with the “Evaluation and Demonstration” working group. The quality and properties of the various façade elements regarding light transmission and reflection are accurately measured using the institute's own photogoniometer and integrating sphere.

To measure the photometric characteristics of paved road surfaces, a test rig is available for carrying out measurements in situ as well as on samples in the laboratory.

Test equipment developed in the field of lighting technology


IBP goniophotometer

The goniophotometer complements Fraunhofer IBP’s existing measurement equipment for evaluating the thermal energy of façade elements (U value, g value).


Asphalt test rig

In the project, various indices for recording the brightness of road surface layers were reviewed and an asphalt testing device was developed.

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