Evaluation and Demonstration

Evaluating innovative solutions from the prototype to the real building

Politicians in Germany and Europe are unanimously calling for building stock to be made carbon-neutral within the next 20 years. However, in order to significantly reduce our buildings’ fossil energy requirements, new solutions are needed. In an industry that is largely considered to be rather conservative, that takes courage. In customized evaluation programs, we transfer innovative building and façade technologies from the prototype all the way to practical implementation. To achieve this, we use the test facilities in our laboratories as well as the various test buildings on our field test site in Holzkirchen.

Demonstration buildings play a key role in building practice: They reveal new approaches to solutions and form the basis for energy-saving building technologies, they demonstrate feasibility and thus inspire us to translate them into real-world applications. The scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP have already implemented and evaluated through tests more than 250 demonstration projects worldwide. Over the years, they have acquired a wealth of practical experience as well as an extensive database on user behavior and efficiency parameters.


Evaluating façades and building envelopes

Our multi-story, modular, façade test facility at our Holzkirchen branch, offers customers and partners the unique opportunity to study on a 1:1 scale and under real weather conditions the influence of the façade in interaction with the systems technology installed behind it.


Evaluating new products and system solutions in the building sector

Together with our partners, our researchers develop, optimize and test new components. Our test facilities provide a flexible and realistic setup for carrying out the tests.


Demonstration projects evaluated through metrological tests

Demonstration projects offer a unique opportunity to test new, innovative technologies, concepts and methods under real-life conditions and to find out how well users will accept them. In our demonstration projects, we evaluate anything from individual buildings to districts or entire urban areas. 


Transient building and system simulation - hardware in the loop

Powerful simulation tools enable measurement results from our detailed experiments on test rigs to be transferred. A hardware-in-the-loop environment extends the range of investigation by allowing real experiments to be coupled with simulation.