Evaluation and Demonstration

Feasibility of innovative solution approaches - From the lab to the real building

In Germany and Europe, the aim of transforming the stock of buildings in the next 30 years to achieve carbon neutrality has been agreed on politically. However, it is mandatory to find new solutions in order to significantly reduce the fossil energy use of our buildings. It takes courage to respond to this challenge in an industry that is known for its conservatism. Our experts translate innovative building and façade technologies into customized evaluation programs, making them suitable for practical use. In doing so, they use our test buildings on IBP’s field test site in Holzkirchen.

Demonstration buildings are of key importance for the building practice: They point out new approaches, they pave the way for new energy-saving building technologies, and they demonstrate feasibility, thus encouraging large-scale replication. Fraunhofer IBP scientists have implemented more than 250 demonstration projects worldwide, which were also evaluated by measurements. In this way, they have acquired both a vast body of practical experience and a comprehensive data base on user behavior and efficiency parameters.


Developing future technologies

Increasing requirements to existing technologies make it necessary to continually optimize individual systems and their interaction. At our modular outdoor test facility for building energy performance (VERU), which is located at our Holzkirchen branch office, we offer clients the unique option to perform full-scale (1:1) tests of façade components.


Technical Mock-ups for Validating Integral Façade Design Concepts

In order to enhance planners' and builders' security regarding their façade choices, we offer functional model tests using so-called mock-ups. These tests facilitate commissioning, since the interaction of individual components has been thoroughly tested in advance.