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Cost-effective office space and healthy, performance-enhancing working environments

In Germany, over the past decade an average of 2.65 million square meters of office space have been sold very year. When office buildings are used, around 80 percent of the costs are incurred by the people working there. Despite building them in compliance with current standards, office properties often do not meet the needs of modern work requirements. This leads to a sensory overload, loss of privacy, distraction and stress. The consequences are dissatisfaction, more mistakes, poorer work results, increased sick leave and a higher staff fluctuation rate. Current international studies show that office users perceive acoustics as a particular disturbance factor. “Low-level noise” is one cause of increasing psychological stress in offices. The increasingly efficient use of space appears to be associated with a poorer work performance due to noise and stress. This problem cannot be solved by rigidly following valid guidelines and adhering to conventional office design.


Fraunhofer initiative for performance-enhancing offices

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to achieve the cost-effective use of office space and a healthy, performance-enhancing working environment at the same time. Within the scope of the Office Initiative

  • people’s requirements of office buildings are identified,
  • methodical, organizational and technological solutions are developed and
  • the results of the initiative are then validated and demonstrated.


Answers are found to the following (exemplary) questions:

  • How must office space be equipped in order to be profitable and rented out a long-term basis?
  • How should the interface between the building (investor) and interior fittings (user) be designed in order to create healthy and performance-enhancing workplaces?
  • Which measures are needed to find a balance between the cost-effective use of space and the productivity of office workers?
  • How can good levels of concentration and communication at the workplace be achieved at the same time?


Take advantage of the Office Initiative

This initiative is implemented by a network of office operators and investors, office planners and designers, manufacturers and associations. Become a partner, too, and benefit directly from:

  • a knowledge lead gained through interdisciplinary research about performance-enhancing office space
  • new impulses from research and practice regarding cost-effective concepts and innovative products for office real estate
  • a direct cooperative exchange between participants, as well as targeted public relations work at national and international level.


Would you like to become a partner of the Office Initiative or do you still have unanswered questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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