Assessing materials and damage on site

Material and damage on site
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Inspecting materials and damage on site.

Does it smell unpleasant in the living room despite frequent ventilation? Do residents complain of burning eyes, headaches, permanent colds or similar complaints? Does mold form on the surfaces of walls? Are there any hygienic concerns regarding ventilation systems?

The types of damage that can occur in buildings are highly diverse and require an on-site assessment by experts. Based on a comprehensive “stocktaking” of the situation, we then plan the next steps together with the customer. We can also carry out an initial risk assessment if desired.

An on-site assessment by specially-trained experts makes sense, for example, if mold or unpleasant odors are a problem. During the inspection, our experts identify the causes - such as the improper installation of building materials, furnishings, drying a building inadequately or the existence of previous contamination in old building stock. The main concern here is often whether immediate adverse effects on health are to be feared. Also, mold or algae may start growing on façades, which is considered as unsightly .

We conduct on-site assessments, for example, in compliance with the procedure laid down in DIN EN ISO 16000-32. On the basis of the data collected, we then develop an individual renovation concept tailored to the case in question.