Measurement-based validation

Measurement of shielding in free field area
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Measurement of shielding in free field area

Precise measuring techniques for room acoustics

By measuring room acoustics, our experts can use physical characteristics to determine whether a room is optimally equipped for its purpose or whether improvements are necessary. The measurements are carried out in completed rooms according to the procedures described in DIN EN ISO 3382. Depending on the type of room concerned, specifications for target values are stated in standards such as DIN 18041 or E VDI 2569.

We also research acoustic target values in trials with test persons and develop new procedures to enable us to physically measure the noise situation more efficiently.
In open-plan offices, for example, the acoustic design of the room interacts with the various activities and forms of organization, only resulting in a good working environment if all influencing factors are taken into account.
When it comes to developing new room acoustic absorbers, we have a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal. By determining the acoustic properties of material samples in impedance tubes according to ISO 10534 and measuring flow resistance and porosity in the air pycnometer, we gain measurement data from small material samples which allow us to make acoustic comparisons and carry out simulations.

Our experts ensure smooth development processes and a wide range of  services from a single source. For example, we measure the degree of sound absorption in our reverberation room according to ISO 354 and certify sound absorbers in our accredited testing laboratory.

Our services:

  • Development and optimization of the acoustic properties of products
  • Development of concepts for office acoustics
  • Development of solutions for acoustics in schools, sports halls, and other rooms with special acoustic requirements


Highlight projects

  • Summ, Jonas: Impedance tube for measuring wavenumber, characteristic impedance, and sound transmission loss. M.Sc. Thesis University of Southampton
  • Sögüt, Ipek: Construction of a measuring instrument for the determination of the open volume porosity. Bachelor thesis at the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics at the University of Stuttgart