Measuring and testing facilities in the department Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Highly developed and efficient facilities support the scientists in their building physics investigations.

Evaluation and Demonstration



Test facility for energetic and indoor environment investigations

  • VERU (

Twin houses


Energetic twin rooms


Calorimetric façade and roof test facility


Fourier spectrometer

Radiation testing laboratory


UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer

Radiation testing laboratory

Lighting Technology and Passive Solar Systems


Multifunctional integrating sphere


Light transmission and reflection of façades



Light laboratories

for experimental studies on the physiological and psychological effects of light


Artificial window

for a detailed analysis of daylight conditions


In-situ measurement

of photometric characteristics of street pavement


Luminance measuring camera

for a spatially resolved analysis of luminance distributions


Eye tracking glasses

for an analysis of visual behavior


Virtual window

for windowless interiors

Indoor Climate

  • Flight Test Facility

    Measurement device

    for indoor environmental comfort components



    Particle Image Velocimetry


    Climate-measuring system DressMAN 3.2

    Vehicle Climate Control Systems

    Flight Test Facility - the Fraunhofer IBP flight lab


    Fraunhofer Indoor Air Test Center (IATC)


    Lining and Insulation Test Environment (LITE)