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WUFI® celebrates its 25th anniversary

This software family has now been established in the professional world for 25 years and is internationally recognized - planners, building product manufacturers, construction companies and experts from more than 100 countries use the various products of the WUFI® family. The programs are also implemented for research and teaching purposes at numerous educational institutions and universities. Which WUFI® software products exist? How can moisture in buildings be evaluated in practice? What are the basic principles behind hygrothermal simulation, what input data are required and how can the results be evaluated? In this jubilee year, Dr. Simon Schmidt, head of the Department of Hygrothermics at Fraunhofer IBP, will be addressing these questions in various weekly training videos. The institute makes the videos available on the YouTube channel.

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Press release: WUFI® - a 25-year success story#

July 20, 2021

In the 1990s, the economic losses caused by avoidable structural damage to private and public buildings ran into billions - according to estimates by the Germany’s Federal Minister of Building Construction at the time. Judging by the 1987 building damage report, the main causes were the botched construction of new buildings, damage resulting from inadequate renovation measures on old buildings, and uncontrollable environmental influences. Fraunhofer IBP responded to this situation by developing the WUFI® program. The aim: to assist planners, architects and building contractors in their daily work.

Learn more about the history and functionality of the WUFI® construction software in the press release.

WUFI® training videos#

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Introduction to WUFI®

Things to know about WUFI®#

What is WUFI®?

WUFI® performs dynamic simulations of coupled heat and moisture transfer. The methods provide realistic simulation of hygrothermal conditions in building components and buildings under actual climate conditions.

Which WUFI® products are available?

The WUFI® programs can be distinguished by their roles in the following two categories: Building component simulations and Whole building simulations.

How is the WUFI® software applied?

Extensive help for performing hygrothermal simulations with WUFI® can be found on the WUFI® website or in the WUFI® forum (

Do you need extended support?

Standard support packages with fixed hourly quotas can be found in our webshop. However, we can also create an individual offer for you if required.