Projects and References

New projects at a glance

Here we list the newly added projects.


Air quality in the aircraft cabin

Changes in air pressure, CO2 or VOC concentrations affect the performance and well-being of aircraft passengers. But to what extent, and how must the fresh air rate be adapted to suit the number of people on board? Our scientists addressed these and other questions in projects such as “CognitAir” and “ComAir”.


Cabin comfort in business jets

What impact does the thermal bridge at floor level in an aircraft have on thermal comfort? These and other questions can be studied in the business jet mock-up at the Flight Test Facility, Fraunhofer IBP's flight laboratory. Different measurements are performed to validate indoor climate models, thus enabling answers to these and other questions to be predicted in the future with the help of simulation.


Clean Sky 2

Making flying more climate friendly by developing an environmentally-friendly fire protection system - that is the aim of our scientists in the Flight and Vehicle Climate Control working group. In the “Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection” project, the distribution of new, environmentally-friendly fire extinguishing agents for the cargo sector is being tested by way of experiments under various climatic boundary conditions.


Comparison of new aircraft sidewall designs

With the Lining and Insulation Test Environment chambers in the Flight Test Facility - a flight laboratory which is unique in the world - they can test innovative building components and materials under real conditions. This was also the case in the SOPHIA project, which took a look at the use of particle foam as an insulation material.

All projects at a glance

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects.