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Graphic visualization business jet avionics bay
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Heat loads in business jet avionics.


Establishment of a simulation validation chain for aircraft cabin environments



• Creating the Thermal Model Generation Tool

• Compiling Thermal Clean Sky Libraries

• Design, installation and integration of the Thermal Bench, based on a business jet architecture

• Design, installation and integration of the Aircraft Calorimeter (ACC) featuring Thermal Shock and Rapid Decompression

• Creating Thermal Models

• Co-validating simulations and measurements



• A validated Thermal Model Generation Tool for the partially automated generation of zonal climate models

• Zone models based on VEPZO, CONZO, ENCZO

• Inventory of Thermal Clean Sky Libraries

• Completion of an operational Business Jet Thermal Test Bench

• Completion of ACC (Aircraft Calorimeter) featuring Thermal Shock, Rapid Decompression

• Completion of detailed test reports and test configurations (can be used as templates for follow-up projects)

• Simulation / validation reports documenting co-validation

• Co-validation approach as a general standard for thermal tests

Video Flight Test Facility (FTF)