Efficiency House Plus in Cologne-Frechen

Developments in the construction and plant industry in recent years have given rise to the Efficiency House Plus concept (also known as PlusEnergy House). Such houses function without fossil fuels and are even capable of generating surplus energy and feeding it into the public power grid.

The fact that this concept is also met in the prefabricated single-family house sector is demonstrated by six companies, who are showcasing their latest developments in Frechen near Cologne at a specially-conceived park containing prefabricated show homes.

Over a period of two years, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP recorded and evaluated key data on the energy required for heating and domestic hot water, electricity consumption, and also data on electricity generation, the amount of renewable energy used by the home owners themselves and on primary energy consumption. Comfort parameters were also recorded and assessed.

Detailed information on the show homes, such as fact sheets and validation results, can be found on the Internet platform of the “Zukunft Bau” research initiative (only German).

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