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WiTra is a knowledge transfer platform that provides the latest research findings for applying sustainability in practice: application-oriented, interactive and future-oriented for sustainable products and technologies.

Sustainable technologies
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Research findings on the sustainability of technologies, processes and products are crucial to a company’s ability to innovate.
WiTra recipe for success
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WiTra’s recipe for success: Transferring knowledge from applied research to practice using digital tools for sustainable innovations.
Constructing sustainable buildings
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On the WiTra platform, real estate owners and construction planners can find about the latest findings on constructing sustainable buildings.

The climate change and the destruction of the environment pose daunting challenges, such as how to design homes, districts and even entire cities to best withstand weather extremes and mitigate their effects.

However, economics may not be forgotten in the process. Those who succeed in solving the challenges with innovative technologies and products will secure prosperity and long-term economic success.

This can only be achieved by transferring research knowledge into practice as quickly and effectively as possible. This is the idea behind Fraunhofer IBP’s WiTra web platform. It offers companies direct access to the latest findings on Fraunhofer IBP's research activities - application-oriented, interactive and future-oriented for sustainable products and technologies.

Current focus: sustainable lightweight construction

The platform was set up as part of the WiTra-LB project. The knowledge pool already covers some topics, for example innovative materials and processes for lightweight constructions in the building industry as well as how to plan sustainable buildings, districts and cities. Further content and sustainability topics dealt with during numerous current and future interdisciplinary research projects at the Stuttgart Technology and Innovation Campus S-TEC will be added on an ongoing basis.

Interactive web tools for optimized knowledge transfer

WiTra relies on interactive dashboard tools for its knowledge transfer. These graphical interfaces can be accessed via web browsers and allow the user to interact with complex data and algorithms in a simple and intuitive way, thus simplifying the application of research findings to individual problems in practice. The advantages for companies: they quickly gain directional certainty, the innovation process is speeded up, the risk of making development mistakes is lower and the focus is shifted to harnessing realistic sustainability potential. 

The web platform can be accessed via the following link.


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