Energy retrofit for Kunsthalle Mannheim - Billing Building

Kunsthalle Mannheim
© Kunsthalle Mannheim
The entire complex of the Kunsthalle Mannheim (status 2015).
Kunsthalle Mannheim, Billing Building
© Kunsthalle Mannheim
Historical photograph of the Billing Building of the Kunsthalle Mannheim.

The demonstration project aims to show how innovative technologies can be integrated into a listed museum building and to scientifically evaluate them. The indoor climatic requirements of museum buildings results in a high energy demand. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that renovation measures can increase efficiency to such an extent that primary energy consumption is 30 percent lower than EnEV 2007 requirements.

Fraunhofer IBP developed an integral concept to increase energy efficiency. As part of the retrofit, the previously-decommissioned illuminated ceilings were reactivated, mirror louver glazing was installed in the roof, the walls of the listed building were insulated on the inside, another 2-pane heat-insulating window was added indoors in the window area and parts of the floor were insulated. On the systems engineering side, the surface heating and surface cooling systems were replaced and now use water instead of air. The new absorption cooler will use solar energy to cool the interior of the building.

This was followed by a 2-year monitoring period during ongoing museum operations as part of the BMWi research initiative “Energy-Optimized Building - EnOB”.

Almost all construction and systems engineering measures could be implemented. The solar system will be installed at a later date. However, primary energy savings of only 20 percent were achieved, less than the anticipated figure. The causes of this were identified during the monitoring phase: The system does not run as planned.  The main reason is that the air exchange rate is far too high.