MAVO Polymeracoustics

New polymeric materials and methods for improving the acoustics and sound design of electrical appliances and small electrical drives

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Noise is a significant burden in everyday life and at work. Acoustically optimized products ensure more safety, comfort and the "right sound" - Fraunhofer is developing innovative solutions using polymeric materials.

Project goals

Plastics are ideal construction materials: light, usually inexpensive and complex, 3D moldable and often suitable for mass production. However, the low weight is unfortunately not ideal from an acoustic point of view. It is therefore all the more important to exploit the potentials for an acoustic optimization of these materials, designs and manufacturing techniques in order to achieve a significant reduction in noise emissions caused by devices with plastic casings.

Status of the project

As part of the Fraunhofer internal research project "PolymerAcoustics", a comprehensive range of Fraunhofer technology is being developed to reduce the sound emissions of small electrical appliances and to optimize them especially in terms of psychoacoustics.

The work in the "PolymerAcoustics" project includes:

  • New polymer-based material concepts with adjustable acoustic properties for large-scale production processes
  • Microstructure-based material models, taking into account scattering, for the prediction of acoustically relevant material properties
  • Implementation of the material models in structure-borne and airborne sound simulation methods for the description of component behavior
  • Space-optimized concepts designed for improving the acoustics;
    use of enhanced (hybrid) plastics processing methods
  • Construction guidelines for the acoustic optimization and sound design of plastic casings.
Polymer acoustics needs of the industry
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Polymer acoustics needs of the industry.

Projekt Partner

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  • Fraunhofer IWM
  • Fraunhofer IWU
FEM simulation of structure-borne noise
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FEM simulation of structure-borne noise in different building components, colored representation of the structure-borne sound velocity.
Fracture pattern (REM) of glass fibers
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Fracture pattern (REM) of glass fibers with poor connection to the PLA matrix.
Compounding of material systems
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Compounding of material systems with acoustically optimized properties.