Residential construction - Taking the long view

Modular systems for industrialized social housing construction

This project aims at developing a concept for raising standardized, multi-story residential buildings using serially prefabricated components (surface elements / modules) with a high degree of prefabrication, including technical systems for building services.


Issues to be addressed include:

Work package 1 - Performance requirements

Work package 2 - Planning and design

Work package 3 - System development

Work package 4 - Implementation

Work package 5 - Cost models

Work package 6 - Coordination


Based on the performance requirements specified by standards and regulations and involving stake­holders from the housing construction sector, optimum plan configurations will be designed. Using these optimized floor plans, planners will develop an efficient system, focusing on the technical building systems. The system solutions identified will be projected onto various industrial construction systems, the impacts of which will be assessed under aspects of environment, life cycle costing, and physical / energy key characteristics. The consistent application of digital design tools will help tap additional potential for reducing ancillary construction costs. 

So far, an extensive catalog of requirements has been compiled, which forms the basis of the system development. Intelligent floor plans which are adapted to the construction systems woll ensure costefficient implementation and functional use.

IBP experts perform calculations and simulations to determine sufficient HVAC solutions, which are now going to be applied to the different construction systems.