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The aim of “School of the Future” is demonstrate the future energy efficient building standard from design and implementation through to evaluation. The focus is on four school buildings in need of renovation. Among other things, the purpose is to sensitize students, i.e. the next generation, to the topic of energy conservation. The building envelope and supply technology of one school each in Stuttgart, Cesena (I), Ballerup (DK) and Drammen (N) will be renovated in terms of energy efficiency and to integrate renewable energies. This will not only reduce heating requirements by 75 percent and primary energy requirements by a factor of three but will also significantly increase room comfort.

Accompanying research, user training, communication of the results via a project website, the EU platform “BUILD UP” with the integrated community area “School of the Future” as well as further publications guarantee that project experiences and results are transferred. For example, planning guides are being developed, a computer-based information tool is being refined, renovation technologies for schools are being evaluated, and a training and information program for students, teachers, and janitors is being developed.

Of particular interest is the close cooperation between the owners of the public buildings, the research institutes and, last but not least, the industrial partners, who meet in an advisory and evaluation group to discuss the renovation concept of each school in detail, to contribute ideas for renovation technologies and to assist with evaluation of the measurements taken.

The 5-year project is part of the 7th Research Framework Program of the EU and is led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP.

The kick-off meeting was held in Stuttgart. In addition to planning the various work packages, the institute gave a tour of the German demonstration project - the Solitude High School in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf.


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