UseUClim – Verification of the practicality and user friendliness of urban climate models


To develop an efficient urban climate model that is both practical and user-friendly.

The aim of the research project is to create a practical user experience in the form of freely accessible datasets, interpretable evaluation parameters, visualizations and simulations, as well as data bases that are GIS and CAD compatible.


  • Identify the requirements and working methods of potential user groups by testing and evaluating concrete use cases for urban climate models in urban planning in an ongoing exchange and application process.
  • Identify the respective user groups via an in-depth stakeholder analysis.
  • Using the “living lab research approach”, elicit future interfaces between the disciplines and application programs and test potential application scenarios.

Taking user-friendliness and adaptability into account, conduct work on different issues.


  • The results can be directly incorporated into the development of the model and its user-friendliness and applicability verified in this respect.
  • A catalog of requirements was elaborated based on user dialogs and an online survey.
  • In addition, a report on user feedback from test applications is available, as well as
  • a report on experimental interfaces to other analysis and simulation tools.


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Funding code: 01LP1604B