WAMS: Heat pumps - Acoustics and multi-source systems

WAMS: Heat pumps
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WAMS: Heat pumps - Acoustics and multi-source systems.

Electrically driven heat pumps and air conditioning systems are future-oriented technologies of the energy transition. For widespread use in multi-family houses or office buildings, a new generation of devices is required that not only offer high energy efficiency but also low noise emissions.

Project goals

The overall joint project addresses the further development and evaluation of complex supply systems for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as domestic hot water heating, primarily used in residential buildings. The main objective is to reduce barriers to market entry in particular by further developing and applying new methods and procedures for the evaluation and optimization of the above-mentioned systems.

It is specifically aimed at “reducing noise emissions and thus potential noise pollution”. The project goal is to create transparency about the performance of complex hybrid/multival systems on the one hand, and “a faster and more cost-effective evaluation of innovative complex systems” on the other.

The Fraunhofer IBP contributes its long-term expertise in technical noise control, in the optimization of devices and their components as well as in the development and application of active and passive noise control technologies to the project.

The aim is to develop methods for assessing flow-acoustic processes and other noise sources of heat pumps, which will allow manufacturers to consider and reduce the acoustic emissions of heat pumps already in the development phase.

Project partners

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