Selectively processing material flows with chemical-physical methods

Chemical-physical methods
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In cases where mechanical processing methods reach their limits, our experts use chemical-physical processes to selectively process material flows. If necessary, they also develop new concepts to treat mineral solids and mixtures that are tailored to the exact requirements and specifications of our customers and partners.

Over and above the classic wet chemical methods, we also carry out processes under controlled temperature and pressure conditions in our laboratories. In addition to microwave pressure digestion, we use a reaction autoclave which can be coupled with diverse post-treatment steps, such as vacuum filtration. This setup enables us to optimize processing methods for the various materials in a highly flexible manner.

At the same time, when developing new methods and processes we never lose sight of sustainability or cost-effectiveness - we are committed to developing innovative and attractive concepts for our customers. Get in touch with us - we will gladly assist you with your research projects.


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