Acoustic Umbrella

Aim of the project

Sound screen
© Fraunhofer IBP
Sound screen in the semi-anechoic chamber.

The aim of the project was to design a construction that allows a simple and repeatable investigation of research objects with regard to their radiated sound power. The construction should be mobile and easy to use. As an additional requirement, it should also be possible to place 20 microphones on an enveloping surface around the object. For the implementation, a rollable profile construction with retractable and extendable screen for microphone mounting was designed.

State of the project

The large number of microphones placed on an enveloping surface allows all signals to be recorded simultaneously with a single measurement. In the development phase (e.g. of quieter machines), the current status can thus be quickly and reliably recorded acoustically. Thus, the modifications made to the research object in terms of sound radiation can be examined and evaluated in short succession. Directed sound emissions can also be quickly identified and analysed.

The design is an in-house development of the Fraunhofer IBP within the scope of R&D projects.