IMEDAS (Internet Measurement Data Acquisition and Analysis System)

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Screenshot of a measurement series evaluated with IMEDAS.



IMEDASTM is a software package developed in-house for measuring, controlling and regulating test benches. It has been optimized to suit the specific conditions and requirements that prevail in the scientific environment. The software is particularly suitable for long-term measurements with numerous measuring channels and meets high demands in terms of flexibility, data security and accuracy.

The software package developed at Fraunhofer IBP in Holzkirchen has two main features: Internet capability and an integrated approach to measurement tasks.

  • Worldwide data acquisition via the Internet with database-compatible user interfaces.
  • Integrated approach to measurement technology: Preparation of sensor plans, definition of measuring stations, measurement, data transmission, measuring station monitoring, measurement database, data evaluation tool, process visualization and data archiving.
  • Open interfaces for connecting up measuring hardware and regulation and control devices.
  • Measuring station processes visualized via the Internet. Password-protected settings and boundary parameters which can be altered and controlled from any workstation.
  • Any malfunctions are forwarded by e-mail, SMS, mobile phone, etc.
  • Saved measurement data can be graphically displayed via easy-to-use input menus and exported to common evaluation programs for further processing. Frequently recurring evaluation tasks can be automated.