Joint project Sports and Swimming halls

An initiative for good acoustics in sports halls and indoor swimming pools


The activity-friendly school is without doubt an essential element of modern education. Therefore, exercise, physical activity and sports need to be taken into account already in the design phase of schools in order to promote the health and social development of children, especially with regard to longer school days. This includes all type of rooms for sports education and other areas of sports activities inside and outside of school buildings.

However, it can have adverse audible effects, if the acoustics in sports halls and indoor swimming pools are not taken into account appropriately. The exposure of teachers and students to the often deafening noise is correspondingly high. Unfortunately, the acoustic requirements are still ignored or neglected in many current or future retrofitting. The elimination of building damages has, of course, high priority. Many sports halls and indoor swimming pools are great energy guzzlers which need to be retrofitted in terms of energy efficiency. But even in modern energy-efficient halls poor acoustics have an acute and chronic effect on the quality of learning and teaching. Thus, all users can benefit directly and permanently from good acoustics in these sports halls and indoor swimming pools.

The project

The Fraunhofer IBP and the German Sports Teachers Association (DSLV BW) focused in this project on the acoustics of sports halls and indoor swimming pools, especially for educational use. Various competent companies and the “Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg” supported the project as expert advisors.

The aim of the project was a summarizing presentation of the arguments and instruments for good acoustics in sports halls and indoor swimming pools. Current facts and figures were used to illustrate the topicality of the project and to take stock. The focus was on the collection and dissemination of acoustically and economically suitable solutions and design approaches. The resulting action and planning aid also contains exemplary solutions that can serve as a basis for future construction and modernization projects. The project results were published in printed material, on the Internet and within the framework of a symposium.

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Acoustic design of sport halls and indoor swimming pools

Lärmbekämpfung Bd. 10 (2015) Nr. 4 - July