Right from the start: detecting and analyzing the hydration behavior of binders as a basis for developing optimal building materials

Hydration and setting behavior
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The setting or hydration behavior of binders fundamentally determines the physical and chemical properties of a building material. A thorough understanding of the hydration behavior of the binder concerned is essential in order to optimally optimize it during its (further) development for its later use. Our experts can record the setting behavior of building materials from the very first second or over a period of several weeks and interpret the results accurately.

Accurately detecting and characterizing hydration reactions using combined methods

The formation and development of phases as well as the energy released during reactions can be detected in the setting systems. To do this, we use in-situ X-ray diffraction (in-situ XRD) and heat flow calorimetry. The combination of both methods allows us to characterize the hydration reactions extremely precisely. In parallel, we can measure the development of strength in the hardening systems and document it accordingly right from the start. This is done either conventionally using mechanical methods (Vicat) or innovatively with ultrasound.

Drawing on our extensive experience to characterize your systems, we will gladly help you develop new binder systems. Make the most of our expertise to tailor binder systems specifically to your needs or let us evaluate the influence of additives or alternative raw materials on hydration behavior for you!