Fraunhofer IBP Office Initiative presents initial results from the »WORK | HOME | MOBILE« study

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The Office Initiative presents initial results from the “WORK | HOME | MOBILE” study.

Evaluate and optimize working environments and conditions - this is the aim of the Office Initiative with its study titled »WORK | HOME | MOBILE - Pre-, Intra- & Post-Corona«. The background was the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused employees and employers alike to be confronted with completely new work situations. This shift away from the office to mobile forms of work can be classified as an “involuntary field experiment”, which teams of experts at Fraunhofer IBP are using to gain empirical knowledge.

One of the main results of the study shows that employees want to continue working in their home office even after the pandemic. People who were previously skeptical about working from home have found out that it a feasible alternative. Mobile and flexible working models have therefore already become part of people's everyday lives. This makes it even more important to examine and optimize working conditions in home offices. Legally anchoring the right to work in a home office on the basis of current experience and the threat of a second wave of the coronavirus make the relevance of this topic even clearer.

To help employees improve their home office working conditions as quickly as possible, the Office Initiative has already published preliminary results from the »WORK | HOME | MOBILE« study. Read about the potential that our scientists have identified as well as possible courses of action. Feel free to download the brochure and share it in your network.

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