Projects and References

New projects at a glance

Here we list the newly added projects.


Taho - Energy-efficient and cost-efficient daylight lighting using micro-optical building components

A structure for vertical façades has already been pre-developed in dimensions suitable for building applications that directs daylight to areas deep inside a building without glare. This is currently being tested in demonstration buildings.


Climate-Adapted Architectural Heritage

In order to contend with extreme and imminent climate change, and to sustain cultural cohesion in the inhospitable environments that may result, we need to learn how to adapt and live with extremes by embracing climatically appropriate architecture and infrastructure. 


Psychoacoustic mapping

Psychoacoustic parameters, such as loudness, sharpness and tonality, make it possible to describe the actually perceived noise more accurately and objectively with numerical values. Therefore the goal of the project is to implement psychoacoustic mapping software .


Fungal adhesive - insulation materials based on fungal mycelium

The aim of the project was to develop a biohybrid insulating material in which the conventional chemical binding processes are replaced by biological ones. To this end, the extent to which fungal mycelium can be used as a substitute for conventional fossil or inorganic binders in building materials was explored.

All projects at a glance

Here we list our current as well as successfully completed research and industrial projects.